Sika runs Excecutive Development, Global and Regional Leadership Programs and an Expert Leadership Program. The Excecutive Development Program is designed for Sika Senior Managers, while the participants of the Global Leadership Program (GLP) are trained on how to assume a senior management role and to develop key leadership competencies for a Sika Senior Management position.


Global and Local Leadership Programs

Geared towards a strategy of sustainable growth, the programs offered by the Sika Business School comprise leadership and talent development, sales training, digital learning, and special academies. More than 100 courses were offered in 2019 and attended by 1,700 participants. The 15 training programs conducted for existing and upcoming managers were designed to further foster management and leadership knowhow and, among other objectives, prepare them for assignments abroad. For continuing education of its over 200 Senior Managers, Sika partnered with the London Business School to deliver a three-day program on strategy and leadership called “Building Together For Our Future.”

A highly motivated team with expertise on all processes was the basis for a successful implementation of the efficiency enhancement program
Prof. Dirk Morschett
"It is always a pleasure to work with the high potentials of Sika. These managers are quick learners and are highly motivated to apply the strategy concepts that they learn in their everyday business practice."" Prof. Dirk Morschett - Chair for International Management University of Fribourg (CH) and Trainer for the GLP.
Ujjal Chakraborty
"It was an excellent program. Business simulation was one of the most inspiring parts. It will have a very high impact in our business development and PSL." Ujjal Chakraborty - Sika India, Business Director, Construction Sales

Sika Colombia

Women in Sales Program

"The sales trainings at Sika are key in our development. Learning from senior members of the company enhanced our technical and professional skills to perform the role. The Sika values such as client first, innovation and respect are the pillars of how we do business."

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The Regional Development Program

The Regional Development ProgramThe Regional Development Program was an enriching experience for us. It conveys technical knowledge and gives young talents an opportunity to learn from senior employees – which is rewarding for both parties. We all aspire to grow within the company, and this type of program gives us the chance to make it possible.

Colombian Trainees